United States vs. Battista

I have been a member of the Sports and Recreation Law Association (SRLA) for a number of years.  In addition to hosting an annual conference that I hope to attend for the first time in 2011, SRLA also has two publications.  The first is a peer-reviewed academic journal called Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport.  I published articles in the journal in both 2000 and 2009 and look forward to publishing additional articles in the future.  The second print publication is a quarterly newsletter.  The most recent newsletter came out today and included eight pages of case summaries that were very interesting.  As someone who has published an article about basketball referees, the case summary of United States vs. Battista caught my eye.  Although the case turns on the legality of restitution in a criminal proceeding, it also provides some additional background on the NBA referee gambling scandal story that broke in 2007.  A copy of the case can be found here   

American Needle vs. NFL

I have received a number of emails asking me if I would be blogging about the recent American Needle vs. NFL decision.  The answer is “yes.”  However, it won’t happen immediately.  I am currently working on four papers related to the case.  The first if for the next issue of Sports Litigation Alert.  The second is for World Sports Law Report.  The third is for International Journal of Sport Communication.  The fourth is a co-authored piece with Jon Wertheim that explores the intersection between American Needle and the on-going Hamburg v. ATP case.  I will link to one or more of these articles at the appropriate time.

StarCaps Saga Continues

Kevin Williams and Pat Williams, unrelated teammates on the Minnesota Vikings, have filed an appeal in their ongoing case against the NFL.  Details here.  As a result of the appeal, their suspensions are stayed.  The case has important implications regarding the efficacy of sports-related doping programs.  The case also presents fascinating questions of federal labor law vs. state employee workplace statutes.  As such, I am sure there will be a couple law review articles about the case that will be published later this year or next year.