“Tiger” Effect

Here is another twist on the “Tiger Woods Effect.”  Earlier this year, I recall an academic paper analyzing the effect of the Tiger Woods scandal on the stock price of his sponsors.  Several years ago, there was a scholarly paper looking at the impact Woods has on fellow competitors when in PGA Tour tournaments.  Interesting stuff! 


“TUE” isn’t short for “Tuesday.”  It is short for “theraputic use exemption” in doping programs.  Here is a new twist to a TUE application.

American Needle Update

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I have been writing a lot on the Supreme Court’s opinion in American Needle v. NFL.  Jon Wertheim and I have finished our article and it is forthcoming in International Journal of Sport Communication.  I have posted a copy on SSRN that can be found here.  The short essay I wrote with Peter Lawler was published in Volume 7/Issue 10 of Sports Litigation Alert last week.  Pam Lester and I are finalizing our piece for World Sports Law Report this weekend. 

For anyone interested in sports law, the case is a must-read.  Section VI is really interesting.  It may break new ground insofar as how the “quick look” rule of reason is construed.  I am looking forward to the 3rd Circuit’s imminent decision in Hamburg v. ATP Tour