Mid-term Exam

I am in the process of grading the mid-term exam.  I will post answers and commentary on this website over the course of the next several days.  Barring something unforeseen, I will hand back copies of the exams at the end of class next week. 

Mid-term Sneak Peek

I am done writing the mid-term exam.  The exam covers all the material studied so far this semester.  There are 20 questions.  Here is the breakdown:

True or false  – 11 questions

Fill in the blank – 3 questions

Short answer – 2 questions

Essay – 4 questions

 You will have 150 minutes to complete the mid-term exam.  I will be present during the exam.  A female proctor will also be present.  If anyone needs to use the restroom during the exam, you will be: (i) accompanied and (ii) prohibited from bringing any cell phones (or similar electronic devices) or written materials with you.  The mid-term exam is closed book.  All you will need is a pen or pencil.  If you need scratch paper, just use the back of the exam paper.  Please make sure to write legibly. 

Quiz #2 Grade Distribution and Mid-term Preview

I just finished grading the second quiz.  As you know, the quiz is worth 3% of your final course grade.  23 students took the quiz.  The grade distribution is as follows:

3% = 5 students.  In other words, these students got full credit.  They answered each question correctly or thoroughly, as the case may be. 

2.5% = 8 students

2% = 4 students

1.5% = 5 students

1% = 1 student

As I mentioned in class, the easiest way to track your progress in the class is to keep a running (and growing) tally throughout the semester.  The quiz included two true or false questions (each worth 0.5% of the final course grade), one fill in the blank question (worth 0.5% of the final course grade), one short answer (worth 0.5% of the final course grade), and one essay question (worth 1% of the final course grade).    If you are in the class, but didn’t take the quiz (for whatever reason), you will receive a zero.  To allow any kind of make-up quiz would be inherently unfair to the 23 students who took the (unannounced) quiz.

The mid-term exam will be worth 20% of the final course grade.  The type of questions will be similar to the first two quizzes.  In fact, I spent four hours earlier today putting together the mid-term exam.  As of now, the mid-term has eleven true or false questions (each worth 0.5% of the final course grade), three fill in the blank questions (worth 0.5% of the final course grade), two short answer questions (each worth 1.5% of the final course grade), and four essay questions (each worth between 2% and 3% of the final course grade).  You will have 150 minutes to complete the mid-term exam, although the vast majority of you will finish a lot sooner.