Case Brief Assignment

Thank you for your punctuality in getting me the name of the case you would like to brief.  I have yet to approve a case for a few students (you know who you are), but they should be resolved soon.  The format of the brief should be consistent with the “How to Brief a Case” post on this website from several weeks ago.  The case brief must be turned in no later than the end of class on November 20, 2007.  During class on November 27, 2007, each student will answer my case-specific questions for 5-10 minutes.  The purpose of the questioning is to ensure that you fully understand the case (and can describe it to others in class).  I will randomly pick names out of a hat to determine the order of such questioning.  The case brief assignment accounts for 20% of your final grade, with half attributable to the written product and the other half attributable to the verbal examination.        

Mid-term Exam Results

I just finished grading the mid-term exam.  A summary of the scores earned is below:

20 – one student

19.5 – three students

19 – ten students

18.5 – five students

18 – two students

17.5 – two students

15.5 – one student

15 – one student

14.5 – one student

14 – one student

I am going to make photocopies of all the exams now and will distribute the copies on Tuesday during class.  I will keep the originals.