October 30, 2007 Class

We will spend the first 90-120 minutes of class going over PGA Tour v. Casey Martin.  As the seminal case in the ADA context, it is extremely important.  After a ten minute break, we will resume class and I will commence my lecture on Chapter 7 – Drugs and Sports.  As such, please read all of Chapter 7 prior to class. 

Quiz #3

I finished grading the third quiz.  The quiz is worth 3% of your final grade.  Twenty-five (25) students took the quiz.  The score breakdown is as follows:

3 – 17 students

2.5 – 4 students 

2 – 4 students

The two students who didn’t take the quiz “earn” a zero.

I will go over the quiz answers during class on October 30, 2007.

Boucher v. Syracuse University – Questions

Issues related to Title IX are illustrated in the various lawsuits that have arisen.  Be prepared to answer the following questions when we discuss the Boucher v. Syracuse University case:

1. Who are the plaintiffs?

2. Why did the plaintiffs file a lawsuit against Syracuse?

3. What did the plaintiffs allege in their complaint?

4. Why did the plaintiffs try to get “class certification” as part of a class action lawsuit?

5. What happened at the district court (aka trial court)?

6. What are the three “safe harbor defenses” referenced in the first column on page 110?

7. What did the appeals court determine in its discussion regarding lacrosse?

8. What did the appeals court determine in its discussion regarding softball?

9. What did the appeals court determine in its discussion regarding club athletics?

10.  Do you agree with the decision reached by the appeals court?  Explain.

Be prepared to answer similar (albeit case-specific) questions for the Mercer v. Duke University case.

Lecture Outline – October 23, 2007 Class

I prepared a PowerPoint slide show for Chapter 6 – Disabilities and Sports.  I will hand out copies to everyone at the start of class, so you will be able to take notes directly on the handout.  In addition, I will hand out excerpts from a recent Sports Business Journal special report on the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Please read the handout before class on October 30, 2007.  We will tackle Chapter 6 first.  Then, after a 10 minute break, we will revert back to Chapter 5 and go over the two cases.  The first case we will discuss is Boucher v. Syracuse University.  The second case on the docket is Mercer v. Duke University