Quiz #5 Results

As I expected, the scores on the fifth and final quiz were good.  A number of students took advantage of the extra credit opportunity.  The scores were distributed as follows:

3.5 (out of 3.0) – 8 students

3.0 (out of 3.0) – 11 students

2.5 (out of 3.0) – 4 students

2.0 (out of 3.0) – 1 student

I will hand back the quiz next Tuesday during class.

Lecture Outline – November 13, 2007

I. Introduction

A. Case Brief Assignments

B. Review of Drugs in Sports

1. Classes of Prohibited Drugs

2. Prohibited Methods

3. “State Action”

4. Different Legal Analysis Depending on Level of the Sport

a. High School

b. College/NCAA

c. Olympics

d. Professional Sports

II. Intellectual Property in Sports

A. Overview

B. Patent Law

C. Copyright Law

D. Trademark Law

E. Related Issues

1. Ethnic Mascots

2. Ambush Marketing

3. Cybersquatting

III. Looking Ahead

Lecture Outline – November 6, 2007 Class

I. Introduction

A. Case Brief Assignment

B. Quiz #4 Review

II. Drugs and Sports

A. Overview

B. High School Sports

C. College/NCAA Sports

D. Olympic Sports

E. Professional Sports

III. Looking Ahead

A. Nov. 13 – Ch. 10: Intellectual Property

B. Nov. 20 – Ch. 12: Religion and Sports; Written Case Briefs Due

C. Nov. 27 – Case Brief Verbal Questioning

D. Dec. 4 – Study Week

E. Nov. 11 – Final Exam (45% of final course grade)