Sports Lawyers Association Annual Meeting

I leave tomorrow for the Sports Lawyers Association (SLA) annual meeting.  I attended my first SLA meeting in 1998 during my first year of law school.  I also attended in 1999, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009.  In addition to having a really strong program, the conference also allows practicing attorneys to earn about 15 CLE credits for attendance.  The opportunity to earn a full year’s worth of required CLEs is quite attractive.  The program for the 2010 conference is here.   

Doping in Tennis

Another tennis player has been found guilty of a doping violation.  Details here.  Since accepting a provisional suspension, I haven’t heard anything further about Wayne Odesnik’s case.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE (5/19/2010) – Wayne Odesnik has been suspended for two years.  Details here

Golf Prank

This appears to be a weird prank gone wrong.   I don’t know the reporting mechanisms in college golf, but such false reporting of one’s scores would seemingly be against the rules. 

Supreme Court Rejects Case

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Delaware cert petition yesterday.  The New York Times covers the story here.  Barring something unforeseen, it appears that Delaware will continue to have only limited NFL-based betting, as the Third Circuit’s decision will stand.

Sports Economics Conference

For the second year in a row, I will present a paper (co-authored with Dan Stone of Oregon State University) at the Western Economic Association annual conference.  Dave Berri, author of Wages of Wins and Stumbling on Wins, has a good write-up here

UPDATE (5/19/2010) – The conference program is here.