Mid-term Sneak Peek

I am done writing the mid-term exam.  The exam covers all the material studied so far this semester.  There are 20 questions.  Here is the breakdown:

True or false  – 11 questions

Fill in the blank – 3 questions

Short answer – 2 questions

Essay – 4 questions

 You will have 150 minutes to complete the mid-term exam.  I will be present during the exam.  A female proctor will also be present.  If anyone needs to use the restroom during the exam, you will be: (i) accompanied and (ii) prohibited from bringing any cell phones (or similar electronic devices) or written materials with you.  The mid-term exam is closed book.  All you will need is a pen or pencil.  If you need scratch paper, just use the back of the exam paper.  Please make sure to write legibly.