Sports Torts – Lecture Outline

I. Introduction

A. Review sports contracts

B. Distinguish between torts and crimes

C. Frivolous Lawsuits

II. Tort Theories

A. Negligence

1. Reasonable person standard

2. Plaintiff must prove four elements

3. Contributory negligence vs. comparative negligence

4. Gross negligence and recklessness – Schick v. Ferolito

5. Special Topics in Negligence

a. Insurance

b. Waivers

c. Statutes of Limitations

6. Benejam v. Detroit Tigers

B. Intentional Torts

1. Examples

2. Assault

3. Battery

4. Intentional infliction of emotional distress

5. Intentional interference with contractual relations

6. Commercial misappropriation

C. Product Liability

D. Strict Liability