Frivolous Sports-Related Lawsuits

One of the “fun” parts of studying tort law is to look at frivolous lawsuits.  Frivolous lawsuits lack legal merit and are almost always quickly dismissed by a judge.  If a lawyer files such a lawsuit on behalf of a client, the lawyer will likely be sanctioned by the judge and fined.  For that reason, the majority of frivolous lawsuits are filed pro se.  “Pro se” is a Latin legal term that means “on one’s own behalf.”  In the course of reviewing my personal sports law library, it was a challenge to label a single case as the most frivolous.  But I persevered.  See below:


There is a link in the news article to the actual (handwritten) complaint filed by a South Carolina inmate against Michael Vick.  Look at the plaintiff’s last name.  He is in jail for wire fraud.  Funny. 


Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.  Also note the six inch height difference.  The following quote by the plaintiff is classic:

“Even when I go to the gym I’m being accused of playing ball like him (Jordan),” said Heckard.