Chapter 1 – Sports Agents

The first reading assignment is Chapter 1.  It pertains to sports agents, an issue that is always interesting to students.  Read the entire chapter.  However, you need only skim Exhibit 1-1 and Exhibit 1-2.  Read the entire U.S. v. Walters case. 

If you want to read more about the world of sports agents, I would recommend two additional resources.  The first is a book called The Business of Sports Agents.  The authors are Kenneth L. Shropshire (The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania) and Timothy Davis (Wake Forest University School of Law).  Details about the book can be found at  I own the book and have read it twice.  I published a book review about the book several years ago in the ABA’s Entertainment and Sports Lawyer.  The second resource is available online at  The author has earned both a J.D. and M.D., which is a very unique combination.  I have yet to read the article, but it was recommended to me on good authority.  I plan on reading it in the coming weeks. 

Note – the two supplemental materials mentioned in the preceding paragraph are not required reading.  You will not be tested on material in either supplement that isn’t otherwise discussed in the textbook or during the lectures.